CTST Points Registry

You can find your competitor number and check your points here!

Results are posted through Calgary Dance Stampede 2024!

If you find any issues with the CTST Points Registry, please email info@countrytwosteptour.com.

CTST Divisions

  • Novice – CTST Competitors with less than 15 Novice points AND no other skill-division points.Professional two step dancers may not dance in Novice in their primary role. They must file a petition┬áto dance in a higher skill division. Example: A professional leader must dance in Intermediate or higher as a leader but may dance in Novice as a follower.
  • Intermediate – CTST competitors with at least one Intermediate point OR at least 15 Novice points.
  • Advanced – CTST competitors wiht at least one Advanced point OR at least 30 Intermediate points.
  • All Stars – CTST competitors with at least one All Stars point OR at least 45 Advanced points.
  • Masters – CTST competitors whose age is 50 years or more.

Contact Us

Events or CTST past and future competitors can email us at info@countrytwosteptour.com.