Welcome to the Country Two Step Tour
  Office Address: PO Box 23326 Portland, OR 97281-3326 email: info@countrytwosteptour.com

Our Purpose
The Country Two Step Tour is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the FUN and collaborative experience of social dancing. We focus mainly on one of our favorite dances, the Country Two Step.

Our Service

We assist dance event promoters organize and manage “just for fun” Two Step Jack-and-Jill contests. We have developed a comprehensive contest system for our member events to use that ensures a consistent, quality social dance experience for everyone. We also provide an award points tracking system to promote even greater interest and participation within the Country Dance community.

We feel Event Promoters will experience a number of attractive benefits by adding CTST contests to their event schedule. Click Here to read more about Membership Benefits.

In case you were wondering…

What Is a Jack-and-Jill Contest?

In a Jack-and-Jill contest, male and female participants within a given age or skill level division are randomly paired. The couples then dance against one another and their performances are scored by a knowledgeable panel of judges. Quite often, the leader and follower don’t even know each other. Based on the results of the contest, the top performers are awarded cash and/or other prizes.

What Does it Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything for social dancers to join the Country Two Step Tour; there are no membership fees or annual dues. While a $1 administrative fee will be paid to the CTST for each competitor participating in the primary divisions of CTST contests, that dollar will be paid by the member events, not by the participants.

How Will I Benefit?

When you dance in a sanctioned CTST Jack-and-Jill contest, you can earn award points that will be tracked by the CTST. When you have earned enough points, you will “graduate” to the next higher skill level. By continuing to participate in these types of contests, whether you are consistently among the top performers or not, you will naturally improve your dancing skills and knowledge along the way…that’s in addition to meeting plenty of new people, traveling, and having a great time.

How Do I Get Started?

Social dancers and Event Promoters alike can take the next step by visiting our Rules and Procedures page. There, you’ll find all the details you’ll need…from the contest rules to applying for event membership. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules, visit the Calendar of Events to see when a sanctioned Tour event will be happening in your area, or an area you’d like to visit.